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Mystic Tan™
Mystic Tan HD

Before & After Your Sunless Tanning Experience

Prior to Your Mystic Tan
  • Using a water-based exfoliant, slough off dead skin cells in the shower
  • Do not wear make-up
  • Do not use oil-based products on your skin
  • When you come in for tanning, wear dark and loose clothes

In the Room

  • Place a shower cap such that your ears and hairline are exposed
  • Apply barrier cream to hands and feet
  • Step on the “Sticky Feet” mould to prevent saturation of the feet
After Sunless Tanning
  • Since the active ingredient in sunless tanning solution, DHA, continues to develop for 6-8 hours after your session, make sure you do not shower or exercise during this time
  • To maintain your tan, moisturize daily, especially after a shower
  • Perform exfoliation only when you want to tan again
  • Swimming may shorten the duration of your sunless tan, due to the effects of salt and chlorine

Before you get a sunless tan, learn more about Mystic HD!

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